Namibia map

Namibia, on the south-western Atlantic coast of Africa, the second least densely populated country in the world, is also considered one of the most impressive and invigorating, by its sheer vastness and stark beauty. Its characteristic, awe-inspiring landscapes are marked by striking contrasts of colour, with orange sands, savannah, blue waters and yellow gorges. Namibia’s wildlife is just as colourful, with the famous ‘big five’ experience a real possibility in the renowned Etosha National Park, and a diverse range of national parks and nature reserves.

The Namib Desert itself – the most famous source of diamonds on the planet – stretches for 1000 miles along the west coast, with its spectacular, haunting atmosphere and its towering dunes plunging into the Atlantic from heights of 300 metres.

If you are looking for unspoilt natural beauty and a spell-binding safari experience, come to Namibia and EPAKO.